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Air Conditioning Service Centre

What it involves & what you get!

Firstly, we check the system performance, then measure the system pressures. After recovering the refrigerant the whole system is pulled into a deep vacuum, this removes any moisture from the system.

Moisture is a real killer as it reacts with the refrigerant and forms acid, which then goes on to damage and corrode other parts of the system.

With the system under vacuum it can be tested for leaks. Before the system is recharged the level of oil can be measured and topped up if necessary. The system is then recharged with clean, dry refrigerant to the manufacturers specification. Pressures are once again measured, a leak test carried out and the performance of the system checked.

The condition of all hoses, electrical connections and belts are checked and noted. The system then has a special dye injected into it to make future leaks easier to find. The whole service will take 1 - 2 hours.

Cost is £45 fully inclusive.

If you have any questions, or are unsure about the operation of you're A/C system, then please call for a chat. 


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